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December 22, 2020

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost? Factors That Affect the Price

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost? Factors That Affect the Price

As beautiful as trees are, they can cause serious damages and injuries when they die and topple over. If you have rotten or dead trees, large limbs, and hanging branches, they can be hazardous to your properties and the people surrounding them. For this reason alone, it's prudent to have them removed by a professional arborist to ensure safety.

This is undoubtedly not a DIY task because it's not just complicated but technical and risky, so hiring an expert is the best course of action. The question is, how much does tree removal cost? Tree removal costs are reliant on many factors, such as the number of trees you want removed.

The average tree removal cost depends on the various factors we'll discuss in this post. Here is everything you need to consider while estimating the cost of tree removal.

The Danger Aspect

If you have been wondering, “How much does it cost to remove a tree?” the most significant factor to consider is safety. The first thing a tree removal service is going to do is evaluate your tree and assess all the risks involved in removing it. The higher the risk, the higher the removal costs are going to be.

Danger will accelerate cost for obvious reasons. The tree arborists will be putting their lives at risk, and the more dangerous it is, the slower the process is bound to be. When it comes to tree removal services, heightened danger always translates to higher probabilities of a workers' comp claim.

What Constitutes Danger?

Some of the most crucial safety concerns include proximity to utility lines, precarious location such as if the tree was between two structures, and poor tree conditions like dead branches or a whole dead tree. That would produce the greatest danger because dead trees are not stable and can be unpredictable. Most tree removal experts make several cuts and remove the tree in pieces instead of felling it in one piece.

Older trees also happen to have large branches referred to as widow-makers because they can be potentially dangerous. These branches need to be removed first to lessen the possibility of falling and causing damages or injuries. Additionally, trees that have diseases also happen to have pest infestations that would pose a danger to the arborist, which can also increase the overall price.

Even when the trees are not entirely dead, they may have hollow trunks, which can be as dangerous if not more. It's advisable not to hire inexperienced tree removal workers as they may not know the precise felling trajectory of the hollow tree. This would increase the danger of the tree falling in the wrong direction and causing damages or injuries.

These safety concerns would require specialized equipment as well as trained and experienced tree removal professional experts. In most cases, you'll find that professionals need to use a crane to remove a dead tree safely. To use such huge and expensive machinery will add to the costs.

Risks To Private or Public Property

If the tree removal experts have to take extra care not to damage private or public property, it's going to take them longer to remove the tree, and this will add to the costs of the entire process. Even if the tree is close to your property and home garden, you don't want anything ruined, right?

If you have a tree that is sandwiched between properties, or one that's closest to your neighbor's house, the experts need to take extra care not to damage anything because that would mean extra costs and liabilities to you.

The Size of the Tree

The taller, larger, and bulkier the tree is, the higher the tree removal cost. Before you calculate how much does it cost to remove a tree, look at it, and observe how huge it is. Some tree removal companies charge by foot while others charge by the specific height range of the whole tray.

Some categorize trees from small, medium, to large and charge prices according to which category the tree falls. Of course, any extra costs would be well worth it if it assured safe removal of the tree.

The Tree Species

Most tree removal companies charge different prices for different tree species because some can be extraordinarily strong compared to others. For instance, the hophornbeam tree is incredibly strong, hence the moniker ironwood tree. It has dance fibers that challenge play removal equipment, and hence it would be very expensive to remove.

Other species have very wide branches that make trimming a lot more complicated, while others have very wide trunks that would need specialized equipment to cut down. Trees with wider branches require that the branches be removed first to avoid collateral damages or injuries. This would add to the amount of time spent and hence increase the price of the overall process.

Additional Services

If you would like additional service as a part of the tree removal, then it will cost you extra. Essentially, the tree removal process involves cutting down the tree. It does not include removing the stump, so stump removal will cost you extra.

However, it would be best if you inquired with the tree removal service about what's included in the tree removal process. Some companies offer comprehensive packages that cater to all the necessary services and tasks associated with removing a tree. If you do want the stump removed, it's essential that you specify whether you want it dug up or ground in place.

Tree Removal Costs: How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

So, how much does tree removal cost? These are the factors that will determine how much a tree removal process will cost. Research several tree removal companies in your area and ask crucial questions that will help you determine how much it will cost you.

It's critical that you take all the services on offer into consideration when you compare prices. For comprehensive tree removal services, please contact us today and we'll give you an estimate.

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