Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

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Stump Removal and Stump Grinding in Gainesville, GA

Even after a tree is removed, the stump remains. Tied to the earth by deep-seated roots, it can take decades for a stump to decompose and rot out. Using specialized processes and state-of-the-art equipment, our expert arborists can remove your stubborn stump safely and efficiently.

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Say So Long to Stubborn Stumps

So, you've got a stump on your North Georgia property. Maybe it was there since you moved in; perhaps it's the aftermath of a recent tree removal. However, no matter the reason for the stump, it's probably a nuisance.

While you're thrilled to have your diseased tree gone for good, now you're left with a big eyesore: the stump and its unsightly roots. If your tree stump is inhibiting your property's aesthetic appeal or presenting itself as a safety hazard, call Canopy Tree & Land Co. We'll assess your tree stump, craft a tailor-made plan for your property, and execute the project flawlessly – all for a fair price.

The Big Question: Stump Grinding or Stump Removal

The answer to this question is contingent upon a range of factors. Your gut instinct might tell you to remove the stump altogether. However, this process involves some serious grunt work. Chances are, your tree was a fixture on your property for decades. It's roots go deep, and unearthing them is no easy task.

Depending on how far the tree's roots have spread, we might need to employ heavy-duty equipment. However, if you intend to plant new trees or are planning a landscape renovation, removing the stump and roots in their entirety is an efficient option.

For most Georgia homeowners, stump grinding is the more manageable choice. When you commission Canopy Tree & Land Co. for a stump grinding service, we shave the remaining tree trunk until it's no longer visible.

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What to Expect

Our in-depth knowledge of Georgia arboriculture has allowed us to produce streamlined stump removal and stump grinding services. From the moment you call to after we leave your property, our ISA certified arborists are here for you.


Every successful stump reduction begins with a bulletproof plan. At Canopy Tree and Land, we don't cut corners. Before we even propose a removal plan, we will thoroughly assess the stump and its surroundings.


In most cases, your local arborist will present a few options with an open ear for your thoughts. Once you choose the option best suited to your unique goal: stump removal or stump grinding, we'll get the gears going to complete the job.


The day you expect us, we arrive on-time and ready to work.

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