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Don’t put off pruning services any longer. Overgrown trees and shrubbery look terrible and create a safety hazard.

But never fear, Canopy Tree & Land is here.

We are your go-to arborists for all of your tree pruning needs. Our technicians inspect your trees and determine how to improve their aesthetic best. We provide swift and skilled pruning services for residents throughout Northern Georgia.

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Why Is Tree Pruning Important?

When trees aren’t regularly trimmed, branches become tangled and uneven. The trees look unbalanced and awkward. Pruning refines the tree’s aesthetic and boosts your home's curb appeal.

Pruning also influences how trees grow. Without professional pruning, trees may grow into unnatural configurations. Tree trimming and pruning help weight distribution and allow your tree to grow strong and sturdy.

But most importantly, tree pruning keeps people safe. Trees are less likely to collapse or lose a branch when they are well-taken-care-of. Pruning doesn’t just make your yard look nice. Tree pruning saves lives.

Our Pruning Process

Step 1: Contact Us for a Free Estimate

Call Us Today! 678-928-9833 or fill out our contact form to get in touch with one of our project managers. Let us know what type of tree cutting service you need and any details we should know about your property. We’ll reach back out with a free estimate and discuss the next steps to take.

Step 2: Agree to Terms & Schedule Your Tree Service

If the estimate looks good, a project manager will provide you with a copy of our terms. Once you sign off, we can move onto scheduling your tree pruning service.

We understand Gainesville residents lead busy lives. Our arborists are flexible and do their best to accommodate your schedule. Our goal is to provide prompt services that cause little disruption.

Step 3: Let the Pruning Begin

You don’t have to worry about our team not showing up for a project. Our technicians will be on-time and equipped with professional pruning tools for fast and effective pruning services.

Step 4: Reach Out for Other Tree Services

There’s a reason our customers continue coming back for more. We’ll leave our contact information after your appointment. If you need to schedule future pruning sessions or an additional tree cutting service, give us a call.

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Why Trust Us?

We are your go-to tree experts in Gainesville, GA. We go above and beyond for our customers to ensure safety and satisfaction. That’s why we are one of the most trusted tree companies in Hall County.

Why are we the best? Canopy requires all employees to receive extensive background checks and be certified by the ISA. We are also licensed and insured to ensure quality work in a safe environment.

From the initial call to the final pruning, you can rest easy knowing Canopy has your trees under control.

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