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Professional Tree Removal Services in Gainesville, GA

Canopy Tree and Land Co., is equipped with state-of-the-art tree removal cranes and a staff of trained professionals dedicated to providing safe, sustainable, and efficient tree removal services. Though we strive to preserve the health and prolong the life of trees whenever we can, tree removal is sometimes the best option for both the tree in question and the rest of your property.

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Our Arborists Know Tree Removal

One of our biggest requests is professional tree removal. As Georgia residents prepare for springtime, they want to guarantee that their trees pose no threat to their property or people. If you have trees that appear dead, are leaning at a worrying angle, or come dangerously close to power structures, the wisest decision is to remove the tree.

Homeowners can also request our affordable tree service for aesthetic reasons, like to improve the views from their property. If an overgrown unsightly tree is compromising the integrity of your landscape, we’re happy to handle that too.

Does My Tree Need to Be Removed?

As a property owner, knowing when it’s time to give up on a dead or damaged tree can be challenging. As tree lovers ourselves, we understand your desire to maintain a lush landscape to complement your home. Though we wish we could save every tree, in some circumstances, the best option is to remove an old, encroaching tree to reinforce optimal growing conditions for your other plant life.

When you’re unsure of the treatment your tree needs, our professional tree surveyors can assist you with making the best decision for the health of your entire property. We have an extensive list of affordable tree services available and are agile at performing jobs both big and small. If you have a dead or damaged tree that simply must go, contact our tree surveyors today for a transparent estimate.

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What to Expect

Our in-depth arboricultural experience has allowed us to produce a streamlined tree removal process. From the moment you call until after we leave your property, our ISA certified arborists are here for you.


Every successful tree removal begins with a bulletproof plan. At Canopy Tree and Land, we don’t cut corners. Before we even propose a removal plan, we will thoroughly assess the tree and its surroundings.


It’s your tree; you deserve to know how we intend to handle it.

In most cases, your tree surveyor will present a few options with an open ear for your thoughts. Once you choose the option best suited to your unique goals, we’ll get the gears going to complete the job.


The day you expect us, we arrive on-time and ready to work. Once we execute the job and gauge your satisfaction, our team ensures the workspace is spotless.

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